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In a world where you can be anything...
Why not be a content creator?


Your journey can
open eyes and change lives...

One drop of water sends waves that travel across the ocean...
One powerful book can send a message that can
impact the world?



Revelations of an
Autism Mom Professional

autism mom

Tabitha Wilson

Welcome to RevAMP!

RevAMP was created during a time in my life when I was unemployed and trying to find my purpose in the world.  While reflecting on all my skills, I decided to share some of my experiences as an autism mom on camera. I wasn't so much concerned about racking up subscribers rather than just putting the information out in the world. The reality is none of us will be on this earth forever, so why not make as much of an impact in the lives of others as possible while we can. 

My goal is to make the journey of someone who is facing similar experiences much smoother. 
I encourage more parents to become content creators using their own personal journey, not only because it's a fun getaway from the monotony of life, but because so many parents are going through similar experiences and it's always comforting for others to know that they are not alone. Every parent's experience is a testimony, so share it with the world as a content creator through a book, a podcast, or as a Youtuber. 

I often mention my book "No Cross No Crown" at the end of my videos
 because I know my journey will help others. My mission is not to sell as many books as possible. My mission is to spread my message to as many people as possible, so that just maybe I will have helped someone. If my content helps only one person in the world or makes someone smile, then my mission was accomplished.  Enjoy...

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"Autism Mom Video Blogs"

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The world is waiting for you to solve a problem
that God intended for you to solve...

Tabitha H. Wilson

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