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So What's This Book
All About?

No Cross-No Crown:
A Journey Through Autism, Bullying, and Spiritual Warfare

Life kidnapped the magical vision of motherhood from Tabitha Wilson, forcing her down the path of autism while tackling the beast of bullying. Parenthood alone is an emotional rollercoaster, but an incredibly devastating experience prompted her to author "No Cross-No Crown."

Tabitha speaks out passionately with unbridled emotion about her raw, traumatic, and heart-wrenching journey as she battles a prominent school system and a renowned hospital, fighting for the rights of her autistic son, and her daughter, a victim of bullying. The plight deepens when multiple reports of bullying and physical abuse were blatantly ignored. 

Complexities of life intensified this newlyweds journey as she enters the warzone of mammoth proportions to protect her children, but spiritual warfare was on a raging path to destroy this family. Tabitha highlights the underlying deceit of professionals from all walks of life which ultimately impacted her children. Her boldness and tenacity were the cornerstones of this mother's victory, and her transparency is a beacon of light to guide and bring awareness to these real issues throughout the world.

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